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Exit or Growth Pty Ltd has as its name suggests a belief that a business only has two broad stages - Exit or Growth. Many companies stagnate and we believe that stagnation is actually an uncontrolled exit unless growth can be re-instated. What our highly structured 5 step Growth and Value enhansement program - Exitology™ addresses is the control of those two stages.


Exit or Growth Pty Ltd was founded by Jonathan Lucas. He is a small business afficionardo, is well educated(MBA and Diploma of Accounting), business savvy (35 years running and owning small businesses) and has above average life-experience. He felt obligated to start Exit or Growth P/L for the noble purpose of using his capabilities to create Freedom for, and add Value to every small businesses in the world, that would listen, through education and practical advice. He can empathise with small business owners and managers because he has walked in your shoes


The vision at Exit or Growth P/L is to be the go to National Business Advisory most admired for sharing our sound Advice, Knowledge, Systems, Programs and our ability to create freedom for, and add value to, the small businesses we work with.


Exit or Growth P/L provides adequate returns now and into the future for its stakeholders by providing Business owners with “best of breed” analytical, planning and exit planning software and methodologies and by engaging with the international network of business advisors, consultants and CEPA's that we have access to. This unique combination is the engine room of the excellent business advice, solutions and value adding that we provide the Australian Small Businesses that we work with. Our employees are our most valuable asset and we aim to provide them with a continuous learning environment. We aim to be socially and environmentally responsible through our Values Statement and Sustainability Policy.


Creating Freedom and adding Value are at the core of our values. We support those core values with the values of Knowledge, Integrity, Social Responsibility, Dependability, Working Smart, Self-motivation, Noble Purpose and Continuous Learning. All strategic choices are made in line with these values.


Our focus is on sustainable competitive advantage. A company cannot survive in the medium- term without competitive advantage and a company cannot survive long-term without sustainable competitive advantage. We believe that strategy that defines your competitive advantage, formulated and successfully implemented in line with the business's Vision and Mission statements (must have these) and aligned with a sustainable Business Model is vitally important to a business as it will add value to that business, help maintain its competitiveness and contribute to its contunued growth. We believe that Exit Strategy is Business Strategy and that all businesses need to be "sale ready" at all times. We believe that to sucessfully exit or transition from your company requires a plan that addresses Business Attractiveness, Business Readiness and Personal Readiness. We believe in keeping it simple and we believe in working smarter not harder. We believe that the best way to help small businesses is to form long-term relationships with our clients.

We value our Knowledge, Systems, Programs and our ability to create Freedom for and add Value to the businesses we work with

Knowledge is facts, information, and skills acquired through experience and education. Our founder has more than 35 years experience owning and running small businesses and has a Diploma of Accounting and an MBA and is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA). Exit or Growth P/L is an accredited partner of the MAUS International network of Business Advisors and Consultants with over 80 Business Advisors and Consultants from many different disiplines at our disposal should we need to access that knowledge base. We see this as a Competitve Advantage.

Systems are a set of detailed methods, procedures and routines created to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty, or solve a problem. Through us our clients have access to the award winning and cloud based MAUS Hub Business Management Software (another Competitive Advantage). The core of the Growth framework of the software is loosely adapted from the Balanced Scorecard Methodology (Kaplan and Norton) which has been recognised by the Harvard Business School as one of the most significant management practices of the past 75 years. The Exit framework is based around the Value Advisor and Value Acceleration methodology developed by the Exit Planning Institute. The software will help define where you are now and where you want to be in the future and help create, implement and review the strategies so important to business growth and or exit sucess.

Programs are a plan of action aimed at accomplishing a clear business objective, with details on what work is to be done, by whom, when, and what means or resources will be used. The software tools that we use to implement and support our programs is the MAUS Hub Business Management Software (for more information go to BizToolz Solutions web pages).
Our Exitology™ program ties together the complimentary stages of growth and exit rather than treat them as separate issues. It is a highly structured 5 step program that addresses growth and exit needs of the businesses we work with.

FEES: Our #1 reason for being is to create Freedom for and add Value to the businesses we partner with. It is this freedom and added value that gives you the return on investment (ROI) on our fees. Our fee represents our contribution to this freedom and value with a dramatic return on investment (ROI) for you and equitable compensation for us.

ACRONYMS: I find acronyms sometimes make things clearer to understand. I use a few including Freedom is in the BAG, Does your business need CPR? and do you have a GPS fix on where your business is at?

BAG stands for:
Be accountable to your daily, weekly, and monthly goals and 90-day action plans.
Automate your business. Create systems, policies, and procedures that become the set of instructions that allow the business to function while you, the owner, are not there - maybe off enjoying your freedom.
Get out of the “me” mentality and delegate. Create an environment of co-operation and trust and be rewarded with engaged employees.

CPR stands for:
Customer Value Proposition (CVP). What makes you stand out from the crowd and delight your customers which provides you with sustainable competitive advantage.
Profit Formula. The model that generates value for your company after all the costs of the activities required to delight your customer have been met.
Resources and capabilities. The key activities that allow you to produce and sell your CVP. Get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats and the wrong people off the bus.

GPS stands for:
Growth phase. The Business is growing and needs to protect its Competitive Advantage and Value. Often growing businesses think they are bullet proof and do not plan for the unexpected.
Prepared for sale. The business is growing and can be sold for maximum value in a crisis or if someone comes knocking. Growth with the exit in mind.
Selling. The business has reached its value potential or it is time to retire or the business is being sold due to some crisis.

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Nothing to lose ..... everything to gain.

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